• Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence is an umbrella term for all technologies, processes, methodologies and tools that are used to analyze and report data in a corporate environment. Business […]

  • Data Science

    Popularity of Data Science as a subject of study and specialization is a recent phenomena. Data Science is not a single specific specialization, instead an […]

  • KPI Library

    KPI stands for “Key Performance Indicator” that is used to measure performance of a people, processes, business units and the company as a whole. A […]

  • Data Visualization

    A human brain can process an entire image in 13 milliseconds (i.e. it can process  around 10 full images in 1 second) – MIT research […]

Data Scientist Vs Engineer

It was Newton (a scientist) who laid the foundation for space travel with theory of gravitational attraction and escape velocity.

But, it was a team of engineers at NASA that made this concept into reality by building rockets that really escaped earth's atmosphere.

We are a team of enthusiastic data engineers always on the lookout for avenue to apply data science concepts in real world.