Self proclaimed data geek who explores areas associated with Business Intelligence arena. Created first program during school days and had love at first sight moment with BASIC. Specialized in computer science for good part of academic life and stuck a chord with Data/Business Analysis in general. Started first job as data entry operator right after high school and during career spanning years, explored multiple streams related to data, analytics, business and management. Like to live and breathe data and keen on staying on top of current happenings on frontiers of science and technology.

When not pondering over Data & BI in general, few things keep me occupied.

Have a keen interest on aeronautics and build small models as time permits.
Like to star gaze with a question of what is beyond the visible horizon.
Love to spend time on the little patch of land trying to build green cover and sustainable farming experiments with plants.
Wannabe handy man and love to fix minor things and take up small home improvement projects.
Like to lead an environment friendly life and leave better planet for future generation.