Net New Interactions

Net New Interactions is a KPI that is monitored for each and every personnel in the sales team. Significance of this metric is very high because it gives a glimpse into the future status of the sales pipeline. This KPI is similar to New Opportunities for a given time duration with slightly different context.

Sales team in a company pursues multiple opportunities and any activity undertaken related to a sales opportunity is tracked in a CRM system in the form of Calls.

A Net New Interaction can be identified as an activity with a Lead or Potential Lead that materialized for the very first time. It is an indication that market is exhibiting interest in the company and roughly suggests the quantum of new potential customers that could become part of the pipeline in future. Another angle to look at this KPI is from Marketing perspective, wherein Net New Interactions is a measure of effectiveness of different marketing initiatives.

Net New Interactions is essentially the number of activities made during a specific time period. Computing this KPI is tricky due to nature of data capture in the CRM system. Only activities against potential customers that happen for very first time during the same period should be considered. If a potential lead is already available in CRM system, it does not fall under this category. Moreover, the definition and data capture mechanism varies widely across companies.

Net New Interactions KPI in CRM dashboard is a high visibility and high impact KPI that can give all levels of sales personnel quick insight into future pipeline inflow and the direction marketing efforts are taking the company forward.