Pipeline Value

Pipeline Value (or) Total Pipeline Value as a KPI indicates quantum of opportunities that are still open and under active pursual. All sales opportunities, irrespective of closing date and only opportunities that have active status are considered.


Time Context is ignored because this KPI tries to provide the full picture of future prospective sales deals. In the example above, the KPI is represented as follows.

Total Pipeline Value (as of May ’16): $69,500

Pipeline Value cannot be compared respect to time because the value can increase or decrease based on activities that occurred during time period. In the same example given above, consider that all Opportunities were under active pursuit during the previous reporting period.

Total Pipeline Value:
Apr '16: $100,500 
May '16: $69,500

In this case, the values shown above provides a slightly misleading picture unless it is reported in conjunction with other Opportunity based KPI’s. Pipeline Value is seldom used as a standalone KPI and always is associated with Opportunity Value.

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