Sales Growth

Sales Growth KPI is used in conjunction with Sales Revenue, but not restricted to monetary value and can also be associated with Quantities. From a broader perspective, it is just a variance between actual and target that provides a better picture on the current position with respect to a goal.

Sales Growth is associated with alert logic, wherein different threshold ranges signify good, okay or bad performance. KPI_Sales_Revenue_UIStylesAlerts are represented using just colors or small icons such as arrows or geometric shapes like circle, triangle etc. This additional UI element can be tweaked and is very useful if the KPI has to call out users attention.

Time context is mandatory to understand this KPI and in majority of the cases, it is fixed time context. Fixed time context can be either Year till date, Quarter till date (e.g. 1-Jan-2015 till 21-May-2015) or a specific month or quarter (e.g. Q1-2015). Trend based representation of Sales Growth is not a common feature because of associated complexities. A sales growth trend is contextually applicable only for a running time period scenario and added to that it is a bit tricky due to nature of the KPI itself.

Apart from Time dimension, additional dimensions are typically used to analyze the KPI in detail such as Location, Division, Product Category etc.