KPI Category – Asset

Assets, from a financial perspective are resources with monetary value and ownership that is tied to an organization. Assets can be either tangible i.e. physically present such as a factory or intangible i.e. not physically present such as patent rights. Assets are engaged to provide value addition and economic benefits to the organization.

Asset is a major component of an organization’s Balance Sheet and is used extensively on daily basis by users at all levels. Majority of KPI’s within Assets category are common across all domains and globally, which is due to the standardized nature of accounting and finance.

There are several KPI’s under the family assets and being a financial KPI, these should conform to the context of Amount KPI’s.

Examples of Asset KPI’s are

  • Cash In Hand: Amount of cash available in petty cash account
  • Inventory Value: Total value of products available for immediate sale
  • Investments: Amount invested in bank deposits or stocks or other items
  • Accounts Receivable: Amount to be collected from customer after product or service is completed
  • Plant & Machinery: Value of physical items that are owned by the organization