Infographic VS Dashboard VS Application

Presentation plays a key role in data consumption. Choosing the right tool for the right requirement and audience plays critical role in the success of a project. Choice of the presentation methodology depends on several factors, but broadly can be derived based on the type of user.

Users can be roughly classified into three categories based on the amount of time spent on interpreting data for decision making purpose. Business Intelligence Marketplace has several tools that can fit into one of the three categories based on user.

Infographics are typically consumed by users who take a very quick glance at the data and information. Executives, who typically glance at reports during their walk through the hallway from one meeting room to another, will fit into this category.

Dashboards are for users who can spend a bit more time analyzing the data. They typically perform simple analysis such as ranking, looking at different dimensions, filtering etc. They are decision makers, who would like to have a degree of interaction with the dashboard. Users in this category are experts in business processes, but are not data or technologically savvy.

Analytical tools and applications are for users who would like to play with data and derive their own interpretations. These users are expert in the subject area, business process and data. They know their way around in manipulating and presenting the data and expect IT team to provide only clean data and ensure security.infodashapp