Effort & Time in DIKW

Where exactly do we spend time and effort in DIKW model?

The pyramid structure cannot be referred here because it represents only the path to be taken and does not provide any clue on how hard or easy the path would be.

The first two stages are relatively easy when compared to “Knowledge” phase because the total effort is exponentially higher than other two phases. It is evident from the chart below that lengthiest phase starts when we start real learning. First two phases saw effort and time focused in preparing the data and during Knowledge phase, the data & information is put to use to build the knowledge base.

Knowledge phase is recursive in nature wherein multiple phases of learning, unlearning, incremental learning etc happens over a period of time. In the above chart, Knowledge is represented as a finite item with a termination point. Contrary to that representation, in many cases, gaining knowledge is an expedition that never stops.

I have refrained from talking about “Wisdom” because is to be “realized” that comes over time with the support of data, information & knowledge. Let me close this post with a funny quote that differentiates between Knowledge and Wisdom in a subtle way.

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad