Driving User Adoption through UI & UX

User Adoption is a popular term used to indicate the popularity of outcome of any BI project. A project’s success depends on several factors and “User Adoption” is one of the  key factor based on which success is measured. From end user perspective, the criteria boils down to just two factors.


#1: Presentation of Data
#2: Completeness of Data

The topic under scrutiny here is “Presentation of Data” and unless this is given priority, going becomes an uphill battle during the final phases of project implementation. Many more finer details emerge as we take a deep dive into presentation of data and some important elements are listed below.
  • Color Schemes & Fonts
  • Layout design
  • Sharing context and content
  • Visualization type selection – Chart Vs Table Vs Numbers
  • Interactivity
  • Compatibility with different form factors (Desktop/Tablet/Phone)
  • Anytime and Anywhere access
Keeping the presentation aspect in mind while designing reports or dashboards will help a project sail through user acceptance testing phase.
A funny take on how to keep user’s priorities at the core, because users will find a way to get what they want. The picture is an example that emphasizes simplicity as one design element.