Knowledge in DIKW

Knowledge is Power, is an old adage and it is not surprising to note that the primordial religious scripture for Hindus i.e. Vedas translates into “Knowledge”.

I am a big sucker for Dilbert series of comics and before the diatribe about “Knowledge”, let us take a quick detour. Here are couple of strips from that takes a swipe at the term knowledge.

Knowledge_2 Knowledge_1From the DIKW pyramid perspective, this phase is the hardest and lengthiest among all phases. Knowledge, just like its previous counterpart, Information is an intangible object. In the previous stage, underlying data is cleaned and prepped into an understandable format for consumption. During knowledge phase, the squishy 1.5kg muscle on top of the head, also referred to as “grey matter” in human body takes over the controls. It is now the brain’s job of analyzing, interpreting, evaluating, reasoning and any other activity related to deriving hidden truths within data.

There are several approaches adopted in this phase, right from simple correlation all the way up to artificial machine learning and neural network algorithms. The breadth of this topic is huge to be packed into a single article and since knowledge itself is unstructured and fluid, there will be many more posts to come.