Data Science

Popularity of Data Science as a subject of study and specialization is a recent phenomena. Data Science is not a single specific specialization, instead an amalgamation of various skills and applied in almost every field of study today.

Most popular and apt representation of skill sets required for a data scientist is represented by the image on right. Mix of these skills are hard to learn and find, which has led to a “Data Scientist” being termed as the most highly paid and sought after specialization.

Many concepts of data science were published as part of basic research several decades ago. The technology advancement to capture, store and manipulate large sets of data has given a fresh breather into this specialized area.

From Business Intelligence perspective, Data Science or Analytics can be seen as an umbrella term wherein BI topics focus heavily on structured reporting for business needs.

This blog focuses on various topics related to data science from conceptual to real-world implementation case studies.