Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is an umbrella term for all technologies, processes, methodologies and tools that are used to analyze and report data in a corporate environment. Business Intelligence domain can be broadly classified into two segments with distinct characteristics. Both segments together is commonly referred to a Business Intelligence.

BI evolved from MIS (Management Information Systems) over the last few decades and is still evolving. Now, the path of evolution is towards convergence of Analytics with traditional BI.

Business Intelligence as a domain is changing rapidly especially with advancement technology. With new technology landscape that can crunch terabytes of data in milliseconds, BI is poised for a great shift in years to come. BI was seen as a behemoth with rigid structure, which is slowly chipped away with new tools that has agility in forefront. The power of data is realized when it is available to address the following scenarios

  • Where you want? – Home/Office/Travel i.e. Location agnostic
  • When you want? – 24×7 access
  • How you want? – Reports/Dashboards/Flash/Mobile/Desktop
  • What you want to do with it? – Analysis on to go

Business Intelligence domain is moving towards fulfilling all the scenarios above.